Current Projects

A sneak peek into the current projects I am working on.

As the school semester draws to a close in preparation for the Christmas holidays, my schedule has been consumed by the completion of final projects. While these past couple of weeks at school have certainly been demanding, I have still had time to find joy in pursuing a variety of photography projects.

One of the most fulfilling projects I have worked on has been capturing the essence of multiple individuals through portraits. It's incredible how a single photograph can encapsulate a myriad of emotions and stories, providing a unique glimpse into the lives of the people in front of the lens. This endeavour has not only allowed me to refine my technical skills but has also deepened my appreciation for the art of storytelling through visual media.

In addition to portraits, I had the delightful opportunity to document the joyous atmosphere of a baby shower. Being a part of, and capturing the anticipation and excitement surrounding the arrival of a new life brought warmth to my heart. It's these moments of celebration and connection that remind me of the reason I love photography and being able to preserve these memories through photographs.

Embracing the festive spirit of the season, I also ventured into the realm of Santa Claus photos at a Christmas market run by the Urban Art Collective. The challenge of capturing the enchantment and wonder on children's faces as they interacted with Santa added a playful dimension to my photography endeavours. Being able to work alongside a few of my classmates doing what we all love most made the experience truly one of a kind.

Despite the whirlwind of academic responsibilities, engaging in these diverse photography projects has not only provided a welcome respite but has also allowed me to explore and express my creativity in unique ways. As the semester concludes, I carry with me not only the weight of completed assignments but also the fulfillment derived from the artistry and storytelling inherent in the images I've crafted during this busy period. Looking ahead to the holidays, I eagerly anticipate using my newfound skills and experiences to continue capturing the beauty and joy that surrounds us.